Telemarketing Companies

All good telemarketing companies, no matter which business niche they are working at, put their customer’s satisfaction as the highest priority for their business. This includes privacy and right to gain specific information to determine the authenticity of the business itself. Gaining access to this particular information is crucial, especially when you deal with telemarketing. With many issues related to this niche, keeping yourself protected is the best prevention you can do.
Here are some tips you can do both to identify and avoid telemarketing fraud or scam.
1. Everything starts from a call including scotmove. This includes the telemarketing itself and your ‘investigation. First thing you can do to decide whether a telemarketing is a scam or not is by looking at the caller ID. Take your time to identify whether it is a call from someone/company you know or not. Staying away from someone you do not know is always the best prevention, however, if you still ‘have’ an interest with the product the agent offers to you, try to ask his/her name and number. You can consider any attempt the agent tries to make in hiding his/her name and number as definite evidence of fraud.
2. Sometimes, even though we have a number and name we can verify, they do not stand as a legit proof of legal telemarketing call. Try to ask any important information about the company he/she works. This company information includes company name, company address, company website address and other information. Try to make a cross reference between information you got and the internet or Yellow Page. You could proceed with the call only if you found the agent gave you information you can validate using different references.

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