In property sale, selling your property quickly or via an online property auction is your main objective. However, there are several important features on this matter that you should pay focus in order to reach the goal. Among these features, there is one thing that you should never miss: customer class segmentation.

Customer class segmentation speaks about different groups of people (your customer) who have an interest in your particular property  product. It is crucial to know this segmentation especially if you want to perform a quick property sale such as some property agencies in Scotland perform to sell a house fast Scotland.

Under normal circumstance, there are three customer classes in business: low, middle, and high class. Businesses usually use customer’s financial ability as the basic parameter to define each segment, even though there are other features that have an impact to each class such as lifestyle, environment, and other aspects. Per property issue, each customer class usually comes with its own property preference. Low class, for example, usually prefers basic property function rather than its added value. Middle class usually still puts basic property feature as their main consideration, even though they have also thought about the added value as well. At the other side, high class usually prefers lifestyle feature from a property, besides the basic feature. It is the reason you need deep understanding of each segment. You also need the same deep understanding to determine your property value. The value should match the segment you are targeting. Inability to decide the best value will only lead to a huge loss of profit at your side. Unless you are expecting to lose a big amount of money, you should not expect to have this idea in your mind, especially if you are looking for a successful sale.

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